We strive to make your waxing experience as pleasant as possible- quick and comfortable. Our choice of waxes minimize sensitivity leaving your skin silky-smooth.

Waxing Philosophy: For your hygienic safety, we don’t double dip, and use disposable material only. Waxing lasts approximately two to five weeks.

For the most effective waxing service, it is recommended that hair growth must be approximately 1/4 inch long.

Eyebrow      $25

Lip                 $14

Chin              $18

Cheek          $17

Under arm  $25 and up

Half arm      $40

Full arm       $60

Half leg        $50

Full leg         $85

Bikini           $45

Chest            $40

Stomach      $35

Back (upper / mid / lower)   $30

Please note for hair removal: allow 24 hours before sun bathing or using the tanning bed after waxing, as your skin may still be sensitive. Waxing services cannot be performed on clients taking Retin-A, Accutane, any antibiotics, or medication for diabetes due to the sensitivity of the skin.

Prices and services subject to change without notice